Re -Tile Or Re -Grout? Ideas On How To Save Your Retro Tiles

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Should your Re -Tile Or Re -Grout your bathroom? 


Sometimes a little pop of color is all you need to make your floor the centerpiece for any room, and retro floor tiles are one of the best ways to do this. 

What I absolutely love about retro tiles is their versatility. You can lay them across your entire flooring to stunning effect or use them to create an unexpected area of interest anywhere in the room. Whether you choose Moroccan, Spanish, Greco-Roman, or anything in between, retro floor tiles will showcase your exquisite taste and flair.

Unlike many other types of flooring, retro floor tiles combine form and function beautifully. In addition to their exotic appearance, these tiles are also durable and so much easier to clean. A damp mop and a few minutes are all you need to get your tiles looking bright and beautiful.  


While retro tiles are more durable than most other types of flooring, time and wear and tear can cause a certain amount of damage. When you walk over the tiles with your footwear, dirt and debris on the soles of your shoes will scuff and scratch the tiles over a period of time, resulting in them looking dull and dingy. Dragging heavy furniture or machinery over the flooring can cause surface cracks or break the tiles. Even one broken tile can mar the entire appearance of your flooring. 

Another issue that often arises with retro tiles is with the grouting between the tiles. Grout tends to get dirtier quicker than the tiles themselves. It also tends to dry and crack over a period of time. This can make the overall flooring look dingy even if the tiles themselves are in impeccable condition.   

The big question then is, should you re-tile or re-grout your retro tiles to restore your flooring to its former glory? 

The truth is there is no one answer that is right for everybody. It depends on the extent and location of the damage, and how much time and money you are willing to spend on the re-doing your flooring. 



When Re-Grouting Is A Better Option

Take a good look at the tiles. 

Are surface scratches and scuff marks on the tiles causing the entire flooring to look dingy? 

Is the grout between the tiles dirty or cracked? 

If you’ve answered yes to the two questions above, re-grouting the tiles is the faster and less troublesome way to get your tiles looking beautiful again. 

The good news is re-grouting is the cheaper solution and does not require special skills. 

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When Re-Tiling May Be A Better Option


During your tile inspection, did you find that some tiles are cracked or broken? 

It is almost impossible to fix cracked and broken tiles. Re-tiling may be your only option in this case but you should know that it is also more expensive. Not only do you have to buy new tiles but you will also have to hire a professional to get the work done. 

Unless you are an experienced in this area, retiling is not something you should attempt on your own. Laying retro tiles is laborious work that requires a certain amount of skill and experience. 

How much re-tiling needs to be done will depend on the extent and location of the damage. If the cracks are limited to just one small area or if the damaged area is in a less conspicuous area of the room, you can get away with re-tiling just that small portion. However, if the damage is more extensive or if it is in a prominent area, you may have to consider re-tiling the entire floor.